Opinion on Alcohol, seen from the viewpoint as Experienced distiller

Hello to everybody that is reading this post. This is my first post ever.  In this post, I am outlining a little what I will write about in the near future. If you want me to write about a certain topic, related to being a distiller, distilling, a way of production or a certain product, please contact me ( you can find my contact details on my website ). For now, let’s start

Is Alcohol bad?

I know that this is such a question with an answer that is mostly related to somebody his experiences whether they are good or bad, so that is why I am sharing my personal thoughts.

When I was doing research for some good keywords, I came across a lot of words concerning alcoholic, alcohol addict, alcohol rehab or something like that and I wanted to clarify myself a lit bit. In my opinion, as a distiller, with more than 20 years of experience, alcohol is not a bad thing at all, but and there is a big but:  You drink it to enjoy, to have an experience of fragrance and taste, an experience you have once a while, I repeat, One a while and as long as you can dose it correctly.  Too much of anything is never good !!

Why do I design it?

For me, the purpose of the whole thing is to create an experience, an alcohol that people love and enjoy it as an aperitif or digestif, together with a good meal, or maybe to celebrate something or just in the evening, when you sit in your comfortable seat, after a hard day of work.

The smell of a product is very important, since it 
is generally known that smells can assimilate       themselves
with previous experiences and feelings.

I can keep on going on like this but I think you understand my point: I make it that you enjoy it, not to become addicted.

Different types of Alcohol

There are many types of Alcoholic beverages available today . The choice you make depends on how you like your drink. For example: Do you like it Pure ( with or without ice ), Do you like it in a cocktail or maybe just with juice, the time of consuming, etc.  Anyway, the choices are endless.

Every change you make in preparing will give a different outcome.  The choice of a typical glass can also highlight some aspects of your drink.  In the upcoming posts, I will start discussing this topic in detail,  start explaining to you the difference between all the alcohol types, way of production, etc.

Quality of Alcohol

Every producer or distiller will tell in there advertisements that their alcohol is ” the good one “unfortunately, most of the time it is just words and nothing more. A lot of big brands are putting a lot of money into marketing to let their consumers believe that their product or products are premium quality, designed and prepared with the utmost care and so on. This is also something I will discuss in very detail in future posts. I can tell you already 1 thing, mostly nothing is at it seems.

Pricing of alcohol

As you probably already know, there are high taxes charged on alcohol. The rate of taxes depends on the country you are living in. Some countries ( for example Albania) have low taxes and a country like Norwege has very high taxes.

For me, pricing depends on the biggest part of how alcohol is made  ( production method )and the use of different ingredients.   Unfortunately, this is again, most of the time not really represents with reality. I came across a lot of products that are overvalued..   And you see this not only in the big brands but surprisingly enough also  “craft distillers” are guilty .   I understand that everyone must  earn a living but please keep it honest and real.

A closing word

The alcohol business is huge,  a lot of money is going on in the industry. There are numerous producers, distilleries, distillers, bartenders, specialized shops, web shops etc.  They all offer a big variety of products . There are hardly passing days that there isn’t a new product in the market. I do understand that this is really confusing the consumers and often people have no idea which product they should choose . This is one of the many reasons I started this blog . I hope over time that I can bring a more clarified structure into this rabbit whole .

It is not because a product is expensive, that it is automatically also a high quality product. Some producers are very clever in misleading there customers . Having that said, I have to say straight away that the best product, is the product you like the most . Fragrance and taste gives us all different experiences so you have to taste it yourself,   to know if you like it or not . Ofcourse, you have to consume the product in the way that the producer has made it for. Let me give you an example: A very good aged single malt whiskey is not made to use in a cocktail based on whiskey . You are for your cocktail better of with a cheaper whiskey . And your single Malt? You drink it pure with or without ice as you prefer. Cheers

I will do my best to write as good an and as honest as possible . Everything I write, is my opinion, seen from the point of view of being a distiller. I am not perfect and if you are not agreed with something, please feel always welcome to contact me.

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