My distilling experiences

How it all started:

The first time that I came in contact with distilling was in high school, in Chemistry class, back in 1991. The experiment ( This was just a very simple lab glass still ) was that the teacher distilled ( cooked ) the alcohol out of the wine. 

Since then, in my spare time, I started experimenting. By doing this “hobby “experimenting” through a big part of the nineties, I have gained already a lot of practical “ingredients” knowledge.

My professional journey as a distiller started in 2000, by starting my own company.

My experiences:

Distilling and extracting:

– Traditional distilling in copper pot stills, RVS stills, and glassware

– Traditional distilling in continuous copper and RVS columns

– Vacuum distilling, distilling under reduced atmospheric pressure

– Different extracting techniques from traditional to modern

– Basic Beer brewing and winemaking techniques

Raw materials:

– different types of grain: malted and unmalted Rye, Wheat, Barley, Spelt, etc

– all kinds of fruits: Apples, pears, grapes, cerise, raspberry, etc.

– all kinds of herbs and plants: fresh and dried

Designed product:

– various Vodka’s, Gins, Geneva ( jenever in Dutch )

– single malt whisky

– various eau de vie: from grain to fruit based, malt wine

– numerous fruit liqueurs based on fresh pressed fruit and fruit distillates

– Traditional herb liqueurs

– etc..

My way of working and my specialty:

– sperate distillation of raw ingredients

– assembling isolated distillates ( from a few to a hundred ) to the desired product

I also have experience in Barrel aging.

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