very rare distillate

On this page, I am introducing a very rare distillate. I call it distillate because I do not know how to name it otherwise. You can also call it: eau de vie, aqua vitae or gin

What is it?

This product is 100 % homemade and distilled in Germany

The base alcohol is a mixture of 2 times separately :

  • distilled apple wine
  • distilled Quince wine
  • distilled Williams pears wine
  • distilled Pure malt wine

After I had assembled these distillates as base alcohol,

I redistilled this for a 3rd, 4th or even 5th time ( depends on the ingredients )

There are used more than 70 different ingredients.

  • a lot of different citrus fruit
  • a lot of different spices
  • a lot of different herbs
  • a lot of different flowers
  • juniper berries
  • etc…

The product is distilled in a Classic red copper pot still from 1920, combined with a glass still.

This product was born from the gin belet experience. It is extremely unique and only one-off.

If you are interested in this very limited offer, please contact me on availability

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